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Basic requirements for equipment maintenance of aluminum bagging machines

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Basic requirements for equipment maintenance of aluminum bagging machines:

    The four basic requirements that must be met for the maintenance of aluminum bagging machine equipment are:

    (1) Neat tools, workpieces, accessories, neatly placed, complete equipment parts and safety protection devices, complete.

    (2) Cleaning The inside and outside of the equipment are clean and there is no “yellow robe”; all sliding surfaces, lead screws, racks, etc. are free of black oil, parts are not leaking oil, water leakage, air leakage, leakage; garbage such as chips should be cleaned.

    (3) Lubrication Oiling and oil change on time, oil quality meets the requirements; oil pot, berth, oil cup, line clean, oil mark is bright, oil passage is smooth.

    (4) Safety Implement the system of fixed and fixed shifts; operators should be familiar with the rational use of equipment, meticulous maintenance, and monitoring of irregularities. Make sure there are no accidents.


Category and content of equipment maintenance for aluminum bagging machines

    Aluminum bagging machine equipment maintenance is divided into two categories: daily maintenance and regular maintenance.

    1. Routine maintenance of equipment

    The daily maintenance of the equipment includes two types of maintenance and weekend maintenance, mainly by the operator, and the electrical part is the responsibility of the maintenance electrician. Every shift requires operators to do so in production:

    1) Check all parts of the equipment before the shift and lubricate as required.

    2) The specified inspection items should be recorded on the inspection card after inspection, and the equipment can be used only after the confirmation is normal.

    3) During the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to strictly operate the operation and maintenance procedures and use the equipment correctly.

    4) Pay attention to the operation of the equipment and find that the abnormality should be dealt with in time. The fault that the operator cannot eliminate should be notified to the maintenance worker and the maintenance engineer should make a maintenance record on the fault repair order.

    5) Carefully clean and wipe the equipment before leaving work, and record the equipment on the handover desk to handle the handover procedures.

    Weekend maintenance is mainly required to check and evaluate the four basic requirements for thorough cleaning, wiping and oiling equipment maintenance before the weekend and holidays. Daily maintenance is the basic work of equipment maintenance for aluminum bagging machines to achieve institutionalization and standardization.


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